Nauvo-based Architect Office Aaro Söderlund Oy (est 1990) offers ecologically sustainable, unique design services that takes local conditions and building traditions into consideration for both private and commercial customers as well as public sector.

Our architectural services cover multi-stage planning, design, licensing and implementation processes. We tailor you a clear service package.

From us, you can get pre-planning, building measurements, building design, needed number of draft stages, as well as necessary documents for building permits and deviations from regulations, contract plans – and even revision plans describing changes executed during the construction process.

In addition to new buildings, our services also include stylistic restorations and expansions (which look as if the building has always been like this), changes in purpose of use (for example, upgrading the holiday home to permanent residences), and coastal planning.

Statutory chief designer services and architects supervision of the building site are also included in our services.

Our office offers you the accumulated experience of over 30 years in the capital region and especially in the Turku archipelago. Our cooperation network covers essential professionals from nature specialists, structural designers and civil engineers to a responsible foreman services.

This is why we believe to be the best Architectural Office in the Finnish Archipelago!

Together we can make your housing dream come true!

’The atmosphere of this house must be experienced and felt personally! Absolutely insanely great entity. A magnificent stone house where every spot has been carefully thought out. Interior is high and spacious. The differences in floor levels bring some nice personality and contrast. The fireplace in the living room brings warmth and from the front of the fireplace you can admire the stunning view of the large covered terrace and garden through the large windows. This home is suitable for even a larger family. The garden has almost everything you dare to dream of. Here, as you sit and listen to the ripples of water, you forget the surrounding world and your daily chores. There is an incredible amount of storage space! The garage with its specialties is also suitable for even the most demanding car enthusiast.’

– RV, Real Estate Agent

‘The house is perfect in all ways. Overall, it has worked fantastically. ”

‘I am very pleased with the chief designer and the chosen architect!’

‘It’s so beautiful that i’m speechless once and for all, you’re the top! Let’s digest a little and get back to it. ‘

‘Absolutely great! Just on point.’

– Satisfied customers