Saaristotie 180 is a strategic connection in Finland that links the Åland Islands region, Sweden, Scandinavia, and Europe. It also serves as an important lifeline for Åland Islands to mainland Finland. The proposed ‘Bridge to the Archipelago’ becomes necessary if the archipelago’s road ferry connections do not operate at a sufficient and reliable level. Various funding, usage rights, and schedule cuts or threats concerning road ferries have led to increasing uncertainty in business and living conditions in extensive areas of the archipelago. The further one is from mainland Finland and the more road ferries are required, the larger the cumulative negative impact gets.

This situation is exemplified by the fact that since spring 2016, Åland Islanders have begun seeking priority access permits for the Nauvo-Parainen road ferry route. When connections on the Nauvo-Parainen route are threatened, the effect is felt as far as Mariehamn.

The direct bridge is a conceptual plan aimed for raising awareness of this issue in the public domain.

Now the ferry route has got new super-ferries.