Villa Viuhka

The speciality of Villa Viuhka is its lounge area that opens at a 30-degree angle, with a large but peaceful atrium-like terrace in front of it. The terrace area is bordered by a guesthouse and sauna, as well as a cozy outdoor dining area. Villa Viuhka is an excellent solution for sites where one desires to make the most of beautiful scenery without compromising privacy and the intimacy of the space.

Thanks to the clear core concept of Villa Viuhka, customizing it to meet each client’s needs is easy. The wings that surround the terrace can easily be adapted for different purposes.

Villa Viuhka is a Honka-model house.

Villa Leija

Villa Leija’s speciality is the elegant, transparent space dividing the rest of the building. Designed on a hillside, the building takes advantage on surrounding landscape, views and orientation in terms of natural light.

Villa Koivu

Villa Koivu, situated on a hillside, fully embraces the landscape with the help of its enjoyable two level outdoor spaces. The more traditional exterior design has been adapted to modern needs.